STARBRICKS windows are made from superior quality unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) which is one of the toughest polymers. The greatest advantage of STARBRICKS is its natural resistance to extreme environments which makes it a class apart from ordinary windows. So be it the harsh summer heat, the chilling winters, the heavy rains or strong winds; STARBRICKS windows can withstand everything without a sign of wear.

A global brand with internationally-proven technology, STARBRICKS’s state-of-the-art design ensures that you fit it once and stay in peace by keeping undesirable external elements outside.


Unlike wood or metal, the STARBRICKS window does not warp, contract or rust with the changing weather. Besides its co-extruded TPV gasket and double sealing system prevent rainwater or wind from entering your home.
The dual-layer sealing system in STARBRICKS windows also prevents dust and pollution from entering your home, making it cleaner and healthier.
Thermal Insulation
STARBRICKS’s double glazed window options provide excellent heat insulation and protect your home from the scorching summer heat and freezing winter cold without obstructing the natural sunlight.
Energy Efficient
The co-extruded TPV gaskets block the flow of hot or cold air into your room while maximizing the inflow of sunlight, so that your home remains comfortable and well illuminated naturally. Thereby drastically reducing energy consumption.
STARBRICKS windows are fire resistant, termite resistant and non-corrosive. So, it stays new for years without any maintenance. No need of painting or polishing.
Strong & Secure
STARBRICKS windows are reinforced by concealed GI sections, which are designed based on prevalent wind pressures, providing additional strength and stability. Making your homes safe and secure.
Long Life
STARBRICKS windows are weatherproof, sturdy and durable. So they have a life span of about 30 to 50 years, which is much longer than ordinary windows.
STARBRICKS’s lead-free windows option contributes to the health of your family and the environment too.


If you care about conserving the environment, choose STARBRICKS uPVC window systems! They ensure minimum heat transfer while maximising the inflow of light. STARBRICKS not only reduces the requirement of AC to minimal, but also provides a soothing atmosphere inside the rooms, thus saving energy.

The manufacturing procedure comprises of an environment friendly process consuming less energy during production, generating negligible scrap and eliminating side effects of regular painting and polishing. Extra durable STARBRICKS windows help make home a safer and greener abode. STARBRICKS’s lead-free profiles also eliminate the use of lead in the construction industry.


  1. CALL    Call our toll executives number and fix an appointment with our window engineers.
  2. SURVEY    Our Window engineer will visit you for a survey of the site and suggest you the right profile and specification for your home.
  3. INSTALL    Within three working days of the windows reaching the site, we will come and install.

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